Tuomo Hyysalo

Director Europe Dexion GroupLimited


"We used Empee Interim Management for analyzing and charting the synergies of the Redirack UK and Belgian units. A bulldozer mentality with sensitivity to cultural issues was needed to break the 'Not Invented Here' mentalities in both of the business units.

Marcel Probst cut through the smoke screens created by the management to establish a good turnaround strategy, which has since been implemented. Experience in change processes is clearly the forte of Empee Interim Management."

Hans Vrijenhoek

Manager Bedrijfsbureau COA, Ministerie van Justitie

Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers

"It is not easy to change an established organizational structure. In essence it means to convince people with regard to the advantages concerning the new structure compared to the current structure. Advantages in terms of efficiency and effectivity, but also in terms of the further development of employees. This was our intention. Starting point was also to decentralize all secretarial activities into the four various units.

By request for tender Marcel Probst was selected to manage the feasibility study concerning the restructuring, and, as a result, to implement the organizational change. Due to his inspiring approach, with attention for detail and interpersonal aspects, the outcome of this assignment was very successful. The Departmental Managers, as well as the employees involved, are extremely satisfied with the new implemented organizational structure.

Jeroen van Mierlo

Managing Director Mak & Coeurderoi NV

Mak & Coeurderoi NV

"The assignment consists out of three consecutive steps. The first step was to thoroughly analyze the company and its market. The next step was to determine the right company strategy, based on relevant scenarios. And finally, a program has been defined to turn the company around into a more efficient and effective business.

I have experienced the Empee Interim Management approach to be professional in all its aspects. It was extremely interesting to see how knowledge and experience were combined creatively, which resulted into a new direction for the company and supported employees in a complex change process."