Company name:All2Change, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client:Board of Directors, CEOs and Investment Companies
Period:June 2018 to date
Company profile:Several small- to medium-sized internationally oriented companies in multiple industries and countries
Assignment:Senior Consultant & Coach on several assignments regarding Organizational Change, Transformation and Group Dynamics
Reference client:Forthcoming
Company name:Yusen Logistics Ltd, located in Rainham, England
Client:Kevin Appleton, Managing Director Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd, Northampton, England
Period:From October 2014 till February 2015
Company profile:Yusen Logistics (UK) is a Logistics Service Provider offering complete Supply Chain Solutions (approximately 50 employees)
Assignment:As Contract Support Manager, turnaround management on a tactic and operational level
Reference client:On request
Company name:Proficos NV, Heist op den Berg, Belgium
Client:Quint Kelders, Chief Executive Officer IPS, Baar, Switzerland
Period:From October 2013 till February 2014
Company profile:Proficos is a leading European supplier for Manufacturing, Filling and Packaging Services concerning the Cosmetics and Healthcare branch (approximately 90 employees)
Assignment:As Senior Consultant responsible for analyzing the company and producing a business plan, including an approach for a radical reorganization
Reference client:On request
Company name:CE Repair Group BV, located in Dordrecht, the Netherlands
Client:Jakob Broekman, Managing Director, Dordrecht, the Netherlands
Period:From September 2012 till January 2013
Company profile:CE Repair provides logistics and repair services for brown, green, grey and white goods (approximately 75 employees)
Assignment:As Consultant responsible for defining and (re)aligning strategic, tactic and operational activities
Reference client:See page References
Company name:Furness Car Amsterdam BV, located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client:Jacques Neefs, General Manager, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Period:From December 2009 till June 2010
Company profile:Furness Car Amsterdam is a Volvo car dealer (approximately 45 employees)
Assignment:As Consultant, to significantly improve overall operational and financial performance
Reference client:On request
Company name:Bodycare Group BV consists of Cosmara BV, located in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, Bodycare Toiletries Ltd, Preston, UK, and Bodycare Kozmetikai Kft, Veszprem, Hungary
Client:Carel van Bemmelen, Chief Executive Officer Bodycare Group BV, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Period:From January 2006 till August 2006
Company profile:Bodycare Group provides contract manufacturing, contract packing and end-to-end supply chain solutions to brand owners for personal care in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market (approximately 500 employees)
Assignment:As Senior Consultant, feasibility study to determine a strategy and to close down one facility
Reference client:On request
Company name:Ten Have & Co BV, located in Breukelen, the Netherlands
Client:Wouter ten Have, Managing Director, Breukelen, the Netherlands
Period:From April 2006 till November 2007
Company profile:Ten Have & Co is a consultancy firm, providing professional consultancy services related to strategy and organizational change
Assignment:As Senior Consultant, several assignments on strategy and organizational change in a variety companies and industries
Reference client:On request
Company name:Astellas Pharma International BV, former Yamanouchi Europe BV, located in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands
Client:Herman Breepoel, General Manager, Leiderdorp, the Netherlands
Period:From August 2004 till April 2005
Company profile:Astellas Pharma International is a leading pharmaceutical multinational
Assignment:As Senior Consultant, to manage the name change from Yamanouchi into Astellas in 70 countries
Reference client:On request
Company name:Gardemann Access Holding GmbH, located in Alpen, Germany
Client:Maarten Mijnlieff, Chief Executive Officer Gardemann Access Holding GmbH, Alpen, Germany
Period:From June 2004 till November 2004
Company profile:Gardemann Access Holding is a rental company for powered access equipment (approximately 210 employees)
Assignment:As Senior Consultant, determination of strategic direction, inclusive risk-analysis for a take-over and creating a Marketing & Sales plan and the preparation of the related turnaround
Reference client:On request
Company name:Redirack, located in Nivelles, Belgium and Kilnhurst, UK
Client:Tuomo Hyysalo, Chief Operations Officer Dexion Group Limited, Hemel Hempstead, UK
Period:From June 2002 till November 2002
Company profile:Redirack developments, manufactures, assembles and installs industrial warehouse equipment (approximately 125 employees)
Assignment:As Senior Consultant, investigation of possibilities for cooperation between two production facilities
Reference client:See page References
Company name:Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers, located in Rijswijk, the Netherlands
Client:Hans Vrijenhoek, Manager Secretarial Department
Period:From April 2002 till July 2002
Company profile:COA is part of the Ministry of Justice, the department is responsible for applicants for asylum (approximately 45 employees)
Assignment:As Senior Consultant, to analyze the secretariat of Finance & Control, and to design and implement a new organization structure
Reference client:See page References
Company name:Mak & Coeurderoi NV, located in Wilrijk, Belgium
Client:Jeroen van Mierlo, Managing Director, Wilrijk, Belgium
Period:From July 2001 till December 2001
Company profile:Mak & Coeurderoi is a trading company for industrial transmission components
Assignment:As Consultant, to analyze the company, to determine its strategic direction and to define and support the process of change
Reference client:See page References