Professional services for
corporate revitalization and turnaround management

All2Change provides ‘all’ required services to achieve effective change, moreover professional services for Corporate Revitalization and Turnaround Management, i.e. trouble shooting, business improvement, company integrations, closures, take-overs and specific complex time-pressured related change projects.

Those separated, but interwoven services are:

  • Coaching for individuals and teams
  • Consultancy on business content and change processes
  • Development Sessions on organizational change related business and social aspects, change concepts and characteristics of high performance organizations
  • Interim Management to lead and effectuate organizational change.

Effective change: Art or Science? Effective change requires a professional approach, based on a well thought-out set of indispensable and mutually aligned aspects: approach, attitude, experience, knowledge and skills.

All2Change applies the art of change with a clear passion, as well as pragmatic applied ‘science’. Both are absolutely required to achieve effective and long lasting change in organizations. All2Change will professionally support you in materializing efficient and effective organizational change and transformation. The purpose is to transfer experience, knowledge and skills into your organization.

This site provides you with information concerning ingredients for effective change management, assignments, references and publications. Please contact us, free of any obligations, if you would like to receive additional information.

Approach, attitude, experience,
knowledge and skills

Our strength is a unique combination of change management related ingredients: approach, attitude, experience, knowledge and skills.

The approach depends on specific circumstances, such as ‘available time’, context, business environment and special requests.

The attitude is mainly based on an ongoing high level of positive energy, enthusiasm, ethical responsibility, clear focus, perseverance and pro-activeness to support people in their challenge regarding change.

Over 25 years of international organizational change related experience has been gained and developed on a senior management level in a variety of industries in small and mid-size companies and corporations.

Organizational change related knowledge, in terms of a solid academic background, in Business Science and Social Science has been completed.

A PhD study has been completed to further investigate the interrelationship between individual and organization:

What is the most effective way of approaching and executing organizational change for both individual and organization?

Skills are developed and refined through several methodologies, mainly in the areas of social but clear communication, consistency, creativity, vigorous leadership, management by example, pragmatism, measure in pressure and empathy and sympathy for individuals and organizational culture.






    Frans Hoffmans

    Managing Director Scafom-rux International


    "Marcel M.P. Probst makes the difference between talking about organizational changes and transformation and actually getting organizational changes done. His hands on and skilled approach to human resources means he implements structural organizational changes effectively and swiftly. Read more...

    Jacco Rijnbeek

    IBS Capital
    Management BV.

    Kaarsenfabriek Parcan B.V.

    "Between September 2015 and March 2017, Marcel M.P. Probst worked as CEO of Kaarsenfabriek Parcan B.V. Marcel achieved many significant improvements during his time at this strongly seasonal company, not least in terms of efficiency, ICT solutions and inventory management. In addition, he strengthened and Read more...

    Tuomo Hyysalo

    Director Europe Dexion GroupLimited


    "We used Empee Interim Management for analyzing and charting the synergies of the Redirack UK and Belgian units. A bulldozer mentality with sensitivity to cultural issues was needed to break the 'Not Invented Here' mentalities in both of the business units. Read more...

    Hans Vrijenhoek

    Manager Bedrijfsbureau COA, Ministerie van Justitie

    Centraal Orgaan opvang Asielzoekers

    "It is not easy to change an established organizational structure. In essence it means to convince people with regard to the advantages concerning the new structure compared to the current structure. Advantages in terms of efficiency and effectivity, but also in terms of the further Read more...

Additional information

publicatie 2018Publication 2019 in: return – Magazin für Transformation und Turnaround, 06/19, Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH:


To view the content, please click on the article.

publicatie 2018 Publication 2018:


To view the content, please click on the article.

publicatie-2014Publication 2014:

Effective (Organizational) Change: Art or Science?

To view the content, please click on the article.

Publication 2012:

Sensemaking during a Complete Process of Revitalization in a Complex Context.

To view the content, please click on the book. To understand where the publication is all about, please click on the book and go to the last cover page, page 324.
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